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Steve Grinder

Wisconsin Bird

Steve Grinder got this big boy (26.6 Lbs) with his new 4-Play !

“The call worked very well!” SG.


Eric Crowley

Maine Bird #2

Eric tagged out for his season two days after receiving his call!

“I honestly think that the call made the difference” EC.


Eric Crowley

Maine Bird #1

Eric brought this beauty in just one day after receiving his call.

“I needed something to get them through the hang up zone. I needed something different” EC.


Schuyler Felty

Great Product

“Bought 2 from you at the outdoor show this year. I never turkey hunted before but my stepson had. This was the result today for the youth day. Thank you for a great product.” SF.


Dan S. – Maryland

Great Product!

My father-in-law and I just harvested a turkey this morning using the 4-Play call! I called the first one in within 5 minutes of setting, second 15 minutes after. Thanks again for this great product!


Loren Voss- Wisconsin

Wisconsin Bird, 21 pounds , 10 inch beard, 1 inch spurs Loren Voss- Wisconsin Turkey Commander


Mike Roux-Missouri

Tagged Out!

Mike Roux ended his season with this beautiful bird brought in with his trusty 4-Play Turkey Call


Mark P. -Illinois

“Great Call”

Luke with a bird he killed on 5/1/21. The call worked great. Luke has had a good turkey season. Killed his first in the youth season back in March, and now this trophy. Thanks for making a great call


Mike B.

The call alone

My son got his 1st Tom this morning using the call I purchased from you. No decoy, just the call alone brought him in. 10 3/4 beard & 1 1/2” spurs


Mike Roux – Mo.

Fell hard

“Number 1 Down in Missouri! He fell hard for the 4-Play”


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