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Takin’ Toms with American Hunter

Once again the crew over at American Hunter is featuring the 4-Play Turkey Call.  And again they are calling it “…the most innovative box call we’ve ever seen…”   As part of their Tom Takin’ kit, the 4-Play Turkey Call is a must have when you hit the woods in pursuit of the big toms. Now, we might hunt with different turkey decoys or shotguns but we absolutely agree that the 4-sided, magic makin’ turkey call we all love is the most effective arrow in the quiver.  Thanks again to the crew over at American Hunter for the kind words and the literary love!

Loud Coyotes and Silent Toms – American Hunter Article

In a recent article, David Herman from American Hunter describes his hunting trip with the 4-Play Turkey Call.

“…Most box calls are just that—a call. They take some practice, and necessitate a few tricks to make them sound right, but at the end of the day they’re a call, pure and simple. The 4Play, as near as I can figure, is an instrument. With a forward mounted wheel, the lid is not limited to one side of the box, but can be positioned on either side. This innovation has allowed the craftsmen at 4Play to give the call a drastically broader range of sound than that of a standard box call… Thanks to the unprecedented versatility of this call, with some dedicated practice, you can not only mimic different types of calls, but mimic different birds making the same call, thereby more convincingly imitating a small flock of turkeys…”

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article.

Ammoland’s Review on the 4-Play Turkey Call

One of the best things about producing a quality product is all of the love you get from industry experts.  Tom Claycomb from Ammoland was kind enough to provide a review on one of our calls.

“Recently, I received an email from Brian Benolken with Cutting Edge Game Calls, who is a member of POMA. He asked if I’d like to test out his box call named the 4-Play turkey call. Ok, I’ll say it right off the get-go, I’m a sucker for box calls. When I was a 9-year old kid hunting turkeys in the hill country in South Texas… This will be a call that all of your buddies will crave and try to confiscate. Plus, it’s a beauty which you can even set on a display shelf in your office.”

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4-Play Gets Some Press from NRA’s American Hunter

“The 4-Play turkey call, from Cutting Edge Game Calls, is a box call innovative enough to garner its own Utility Patent from the US Patent Office. Spotted at this year’s Great American Outdoor show by American Hunter Editor Connor McKibben, the 4-Play features a forward mounted wheel which allows the lid to be positioned on either side of the box…”

To see the rest of the article, CLICK HERE

Making the Box Call Sing – Mike Roux

“I give dozens of game calling seminars and demonstrations each year.  Every single time I pick up a call, I explain to the folks watching and listening that the device in my hand, although it is described as a game call, is really no more than a…”

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