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Loud Coyotes and Silent Toms – American Hunter Article

American Hunter - Turkey with 4Play Turkey Call

In a recent article, David Herman from American Hunter describes his hunting trip with the 4-Play Turkey Call.

“…Most box calls are just that—a call. They take some practice, and necessitate a few tricks to make them sound right, but at the end of the day they’re a call, pure and simple. The 4Play, as near as I can figure, is an instrument. With a forward mounted wheel, the lid is not limited to one side of the box, but can be positioned on either side. This innovation has allowed the craftsmen at 4Play to give the call a drastically broader range of sound than that of a standard box call… Thanks to the unprecedented versatility of this call, with some dedicated practice, you can not only mimic different types of calls, but mimic different birds making the same call, thereby more convincingly imitating a small flock of turkeys…”

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