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Cyrus Taylor – Missouri

5 stars

Recommend 4-Sure

Awesome call that produces a variety of tones. Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Solid company making an innovative new call. Highly recommend “4-Sure”!


Turkey call

Reginald M – North Carolina

5 stars

“Work of Art”

I received the call a few days ago, so I just want to say it’s outstanding. In addition to being a great call, it’s a work of art.

Thank you



James- Pennsylvania

5 stars

“Best Turkey Call”

“Hands down, best turkey call on the market..!!”


man with turkey

Aaron K. Pennsylvania

5 stars

“My Favorite Call”

“I was able to call one in in about 15 minutes”



Pat M. – West Virginia

5 stars


“Best turkey call yet! I thought I was good and inventive on mine”


windwalkers outdoor channel

Chuck O. – Pennsylvania

5 stars


“Great versatile call with multiple playing surfaces”


two men dressed in camo hunting gear

Jim A. Pennsylvania

5 stars


“Great multiple sound call”



Cody T. – Pennsylvania

5 stars


Excited to use it come spring, sound is amazing. I thought the design of having that many sounds and pitches on a box call was brilliant, I hope the next person is happy just as much as I was.


man with turkey

Dave Bycsek

5 stars

New Jersey Gobbler

This beautiful bird was taken by Dave in Somerset Cty New Jersey. 20lbs, 10″ beard, 1″spurs.

“Bird that fell to the 4-Play, Awesome Call!!” DB.


man with turkey

Duke Footit

5 stars

4-Play Baby !!

Duke got this nice bird while hunting with his new 4-Play in Pennsylvania.

“I’m going to buy another call off of you too!” DF.


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