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Windwalker’s Outdoor Channel review of 4-Play Turkey Call.

Chuck from Windwalker’s Outdoor Channel does a great job describing the innovative new features of the 4-Play Turkey Call. Thanks Chuck!

RainChalk ®

RainChalk® is a patented formula for chalk that allows the user to use friction calls in damp conditions. Here at Cutting Edge Game Calls we love to use it to tune all our 4-Plays before they go out! Check out this video review done by Chuck at Windwalker’s Outdoor Channel showing the amazing capabilities of this chalk.

Our Customers

man with turkey

Steve Grinder

5 stars

Wisconsin Bird

Steve Grinder got this big boy (26.6 Lbs) with his new 4-Play !

“The call worked very well!” SG.


two men with turkey

Eric Crowley

5 stars

Maine Bird #2

Eric tagged out for his season two days after receiving his call!

“I honestly think that the call made the difference” EC.


man with turkey

Eric Crowley

5 stars

Maine Bird #1

Eric brought this beauty in just one day after receiving his call.

“I needed something to get them through the hang up zone. I needed something different” EC.


person with Turkey

Schuyler Felty

5 stars

Great Product

“Bought 2 from you at the outdoor show this year. I never turkey hunted before but my stepson had. This was the result today for the youth day. Thank you for a great product.” SF.


4 Play Turkey call with Turkey

Dan S. – Maryland

5 stars

Great Product!

My father-in-law and I just harvested a turkey this morning using the 4-Play call! I called the first one in within 5 minutes of setting, second 15 minutes after. Thanks again for this great product!


4 Play Turkey call with Turkey

Loren Voss- Wisconsin

5 stars

Wisconsin Bird, 21 pounds , 10 inch beard, 1 inch spurs Loren Voss- Wisconsin Turkey Commander


man with turkey

Mike Roux-Missouri

5 stars

Tagged Out!

Mike Roux ended his season with this beautiful bird brought in with his trusty 4-Play Turkey Call


man with turkey

Mark P. -Illinois

5 stars

“Great Call”

Luke with a bird he killed on 5/1/21. The call worked great. Luke has had a good turkey season. Killed his first in the youth season back in March, and now this trophy. Thanks for making a great call


Turkey detail

Mike B.

5 stars

The call alone

My son got his 1st Tom this morning using the call I purchased from you. No decoy, just the call alone brought him in. 10 3/4 beard & 1 1/2” spurs


man with turkey

Mike Roux – Mo.

5 stars

Fell hard

“Number 1 Down in Missouri! He fell hard for the 4-Play”