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Ammoland’s Review on the 4-Play Turkey Call

4 Play Turkey call

One of the best things about producing a quality product is all of the love you get from industry experts.  Tom Claycomb from Ammoland was kind enough to provide a review on one of our calls.

“Recently, I received an email from Brian Benolken with Cutting Edge Game Calls, who is a member of POMA. He asked if I’d like to test out his box call named the 4-Play turkey call. Ok, I’ll say it right off the get-go, I’m a sucker for box calls. When I was a 9-year old kid hunting turkeys in the hill country in South Texas… This will be a call that all of your buddies will crave and try to confiscate. Plus, it’s a beauty which you can even set on a display shelf in your office.”

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