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The 4-Play Turkey Call

This is not your average turkey box call.  This turkey call is an innovative approach to a decades old problem – The need to carry different calls for different sounds.  Now, you can do it all with one call.  The patented paddle and 4 sided sound board design allows you to create different tones, pitches and call variations.  Some people have called it more of an instrument vs. a game call.  All 4-Play turkey calls come EQUIPPED with the same sound-producing parts which consist of a White Oak lid and 4 different sound rails (Walnut, Eastern Red Cedar, Sassafras, and Poplar)

From there the customer is free to choose whichever body type that most appeals to them (Walnut, Cherry, or Mahogany).  Being of similar densities these three beautiful hardwoods have been found to be INTERCHANGEABLE with no difference in tonal quality. 

We strive to give hunters not only a very EFFECTIVE and versatile call but one that is beautiful to the eye as well!  At the end of the day, the 4-Play Turkey Call is the call by which all others are judged.  

For a How-To on making all the various noises, check out our videos page.

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