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LIMITED EDITION – Mulberry Body Turkey Call


We came across some striking Mulberry lumber and we thought it would make some great calls. We were right! Mulberry is a dense hardwood that has a beautiful natural yellow hue and makes a very unique looking call. Like all our 4-Play Turkey Calls these have White Oak Lids and sound rails made of Walnut, E. Red Cedar,  Sassafras, and Poplar. So they have the same great sound but with a striking new look. We have a very limited number of these calls.

Want to see how our innovative turkey box calls work? Visit our videos page and check out our “How-To” videos.

**Expedited Shipping Available** via Fed Ex or UPS please inquire @ 610-984-4099

Rain Chalk Add-On

Personalization Add-On

Holster Add-On

In stock (can be backordered)


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