Introducing The 4-Play Turkey Call

" Who says you can't re-invent the wheel??? "

 The 4-Play is the first turkey call to employ a forward mounted wheel allowing use of 4 striking rails!!! This extremely versatile call can more than double the amount of different calls available to the hunter on a standard box call!! Read On...... 


Revolutionary New Design!!

Revolutionary New Design!!

Revolutionary New Design!!


The 4-Play design is so unique it has been granted a full Utility Patent by the

 US Patent Office. Patent# 9,414,582

Forward Mounted Wheel

Revolutionary New Design!!

Revolutionary New Design!!


The 4-Play's forward mounted wheel allows the lid to be positioned on either side of the box call 

Four Sound Rails

Versatility Abounds

Versatility Abounds


The 4-Play turkey call is equipped with 4 sound rails, each made of a different species of wood, resulting in 4 distinctly different tones 

Versatility Abounds

Versatility Abounds

Versatility Abounds


The versatility of the 4-Play turkey call doesn't stop with it's use of 4 sound rails.  With the lid being mounted on a wheel,  it is able to be moved forward and back,  enabling it to hit each sound rail in multiple locations. This results in an almost unlimited range of tones 

Constructed Entirely in the USA !!


Produced using CNC technology

Cutting Edge Game Calls produces the 4-Play Turkey Call using CNC technology ensuring a consistent and high quality product for our hunters  


Hand Made

After coming off of the CNC router the 4-Play turkey call goes through an extensive amount of handwork. We painstakingly create each call one at a time.  All machining, assembly, finishing, and tuning is proudly done right here in the USA by our staff of experienced craftsmen 


Designed by Hunters for Hunters

The 4-Play turkey call was developed by people passionate about Turkey hunting.   We're confident offering it to you because we've used it and know it has worked for us